- Jan 23, 2015
These multicultural marketing examples range from race-reversed politician ads to patriotic soda campaigns that make a powerful statement against racial prejudice. When appealing to a diverse demographic, brands are increasing their social awareness and are presenting their core values through the use of diversity-focused marketing strategies.

Whether focusing on stereotype-shattering themes or equality, successful companies are constantly changing the way they approach multicultural marketing. Some key examples from this list include Coca Cola's patriotic Super Bowl ad that features a hijab-clad woman who professes her love for her nation. The commercial embraces multiculturalism and rejects racial prejudice that plagues many Muslim Americans in the United States.

Other winning examples from this multicultural marketing list include the Berlitz Language Center's dual race campaign that features an African woman who opens her mouth to reveal an Asian man's face. The clever ad enforces the power of multiculturalism and illustrates the collaborative effort that goes into learning a new language.

In addition to the above, tech companies are appealing to a wider demographic while mobile app developers are creating niche phone features like iDiversicons' multicultural Emojis that feature icons of Arabic, Indian, Asian, African and Caucasian descent.

From Multi-Faced Language Ads to Patriotic Soda Campaigns: