A Bollywood Dance Cheerfully Promotes Sanko Seika's Japanese Crackers

The 'Pari-Pari Curry' commercial for Sanko Seika's Japanese snack foods is just about in every sense a fusion of India and Japan, mixing Bollywood dance with a Japanese snack food brand.

The Sanko Seika's Parinko or "pari-pari" snack is a curry-flavored variety of rice cracker. For the commercial itself, Japan's Takahiro Akiyama served as director and India's Jasmin Oza choreographed the adorable dance that the kids do. One of the stars of the ad is the young Akshat Singh, a young boy who recently captured a ton of hearts from his appearance on India’s Got Talent. This hybrid Japanese-Indian commercial is proving to be a hugely viral hit in Japan, since it's upbeat, got a catchy tune and even a little bit of a romantic storyline.