- Jan 26, 2015
There are a lot of examples of Bollywood exerting its influence across different realms of popular culture including fashion, entertainment. The world's biggest film industry has captured the attentions of people around the world but has grown beyond being merely a film movement to a pop cultural movement based on the colors, vibrance and confidence of modern Indian society.

Bollywood's biggest stars are revered by India's populace, therefore it is unsurprising that everything they do and say catches on in a big way. Many Bollywood superstars are now household names around the world, which explains why Bollywood's unique approach towards film, fashion, comedy, art and storytelling are increasingly being incorporated by artists around the world.

These examples of Bollywood's influence on marketing, fashion, celebrity culture and art go to show how unique cultural movements can spread like wildfire even in foreign environments.

From Catwalk Film Promotions to Virtual Red Carpet Campaigns: