- Jul 19, 2014
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, these creative Instagram marketing ideas are a fantastic way for brands to share stories with consumers, especially as sharing on social media becomes more oriented towards strong visuals over text.

Even though attention spans are short, Instagram by nature is a fast way to grab someone's attention, whether it's in photo or video format. Some of these creative uses of Instagram include taking advantage of the grid view on a mobile device to create collages, flipbook-style animations, app-based shops, auctions or even an elaborate interactive choose-your-own-adventure experience. There's quite a range in how easy or complex it would be to put together these campaigns, but with a little creative thinking, there are plenty of ways to promote a product or service on any budget, which is part of the beauty of social media—plus, there's always the chance that a campaign could go absolutely viral.

From Interactive Mobile Catalogs to Insta-Photo Timelines: