This Unibet App Lets You Bet with Social Currency Versus Real Money

 - May 30, 2014
References: unibet & adeevee
Unibet is a company that deals with online gambling, sports betting and casinos and although money is the currency it deals in, there's something even more valuable at the moment—social currency.

With the Bet For Followers app, users are able to place bets on certain sports teams and win followers as a result if their predictions are correct. Users are able to sign in with either their Twitter or Instagram account and with the right bet, they'll be automatically followed by all of the losing betters.

This is a brilliant way to give people a taste of sports betting, without having to suffer monetary losses if they're new to it. Because the app is simple and it's so easy to gain more followers on Twitter, you can bet that it will be highly addictive too.