- Jan 16, 2015
These romantic marketing examples range from silhouetted kissing booth installations to seductive soda marketing that celebrates Valentine's Day. Romance is in the air and is the inspiration behind these branding and marketing examples.

Standouts from this romantic marketing list include the Nasty Gal Valentine's Day 2014 lookbook that revives retro lingerie and evening fashions. Referencing the early 90s, the cheeky catalog is subtly suggestive and highlights sweetheart necklines and red and pink hues.

Another winning example from this list is the Flower Council of Holland's emergency flower box stunt. The council set up emergency flower boxes in an urban square and invited people to break their glass if they experienced love at first sight. This Valentine's Day stunt celebrated romance and connected individuals from different walks of life.

Valentine's Day Branding Relies on Sentimental and Endearing Themes: