This French Brie is Perfect for the Valentine’s Food Lover

This French Brie is perfect for cheese-loving lovers this Valentine’s Day. If your ideal Valentine’s date involves lounging around in front of a fire eating cheese and drinking wine, then this sweet chunk of heart-shaped Brie will be your perfect Valentines food.

The romantically shaped Brie is available especially for Valentine’s day from cheese extraordinaires Coeur de Bray. The Brie comes packaged in a rustic plain cardboard box. If you wanted to add an extra special personal touch, you could always write a cute message on the box to woo your Valentine.

The heart-shaped Brie block is perfect for sharing, or even as an extra-special ingredient for a cozy Valentine’s dinner. Grab some cheese crackers, grapes to accompany and a bottle of bubbly or wine and the scene will be set -- now all you have to do is get yourself a date.