Sarah Cousineau's Chewing Gum Packaging Encourages Kisses

 - May 28, 2014
References: packaginguqam.blogspot
This clever chewing gum packaging was developed by Sarah Cousineau, making ties between fresh breath and kissability. Cousineau's chewing gum is charmingly branded as 'French Kiss' and the back of the gum sleeve and blister pack include two images of Roy Lichtenstein-inspired people puckering up for a kiss. As well, the gum packages include a small instruction panel that provides tips on the perfect smooch—popping a piece of gum is a good place to get started with this.

The French Kiss chewing gum packaging is already quite clever and playful, but something that makes it even more so is the fact that it takes two to kiss and the packaging can be easily interchanged to include heterosexual, homosexual and multiracial couples to add even more interest.