- Mar 4, 2015
While consumers are constantly bombarded with "must-have" advancements in technology, e-ink technology proves that less can actually offer more. Initially prized for use in e-book readers for the low power paper-like displays that are readable even in sunlight, e-ink technology is being integrated into the design of watches, cash cards, alarm clocks, phones and jewelry.

Although these e-ink products may not be able to do as much as flashy tech gadgets with colored screens, they are able to do a few tasks well and solve problems with simplicity. For instance, by swapping paper retail tags for e-ink displays, Sainsbury's is able to devote less time and resources for manually updating prices in its grocery store aisles. Similarly, Oaxis' inkCase i6 is programmed to display notifications, helping to conserve battery life on a phone.

These Examples of E-Ink Technology Go Beyond E-Book Screens: