The Orb LPG Gas Knob Becomes a Handy Suppertime Supervisor

 - Oct 23, 2013
References: & yankodesign
When you've got a lot on the go while preparing dinner, you can probably handle listening for one or two timers to sound, but missing the whistle of your pot for a dish that's done early can result in a mealtime disaster. The Orb LPG Gas Knob is really clever contraption that's been designed to enhance an existing stovetop. Simply remove the original dial on your oven and replace it with this one, capable of overseeing your stewing supper.

Control temperature and the flame of the element with this knob, but also set a timer and a whistle counter. The mechanism shuts off your burner automatically after the minutes have run out, or after the pressure cooker has whistled the appropriate number of times. The Orb LPG Gas Knob is a convenient and user-friendly addition to the Indian Kitchen and caters to home chefs of all ages and abilities with a helpful e-ink display.

Sushant Rajendra Darake, Tawfik Manham and Arjun Raj Kumar S, won the Ignite Design Contest 2013 with this culinary concept.