The 'Spinning Time' Watch Shows You the Time, More or Less

 - Feb 23, 2009
References: coroflot & ubergizmo
Rounding off time is a daily operation, and it is not seconds but rather minutes that typically we steal or bestow. So, unless we are talking about a "Mission Impossible" situation, we are clearly not too hung up on accuracy. The 'Spinning Time' watch concept adapts to the vagueness of our nature and takes it upon itself to do the refining calculations.

The eccentric bracelet design integrates an e-ink display that offers the current time in hours and minutes using an approximation by tenths. Finding out the time is a treat; by pressing the alien-green display, ripples guide you to discover the time by spinning--approximately, of course.

Designer Glen Adkins has introduced a more convenient street/sport version of this innovative concept, with a flexible e-ink display on a transparent band. Nonetheless, unconventional and evoking "Star Trek" images of Dr. Spock glimpsing at his watch, this accuracy-eluding timepiece is certainly a head-turner.