- Mar 25, 2012
With technology moving so fast, consumers are constantly seeking devices that allow them to do several things at once and these techy multitasking timepieces definitely provide the user with a plethora of features.

Watches that only tell the time seem to be passe, and the watch manufacturing world is moving toward incorporating as many additional applications onto someone's wrist as possible.

Music-playing MP3 timepieces are becoming popular and could potentially replace the need to carry a music player while wearing them on a commute. Other applicable features on the latest pieces include medication reminders, phone-syncing, calorie-counters and projecting laser beams.

Techy Multitasking Timepieces eliminate the need for device hoarding, and allow the user to have practical functions and applications at arm's length.

From Call Screening Time Tellers to Networking Pocket Watches: