The Eriz Lanuza ‘Dial' is the Way of the Future

 - May 11, 2010
References: coroflot & walyou
The Eriz Lanuz ‘Dial’ pocket watch is one very chic and revolutionary timepiece. As society is so reliant on their cellular devices to function throughout the day, the ‘Dial’ aims to have that position in our lives as well.

The ‘Dial’ is stylish timepiece that has all the functionalities of a smartphone. The ‘Dial’ will relay alerts to the holder, whether it’s in stand-by or acting like your watch. The alerts will inform the holder of missed calls, text messages and an assortment of other applications that are normally found in a smartphone.

Maybe you can do away with your cell phone altogether thanks to the Eriz Lanuz ‘Dial’ pocket watch.