From Exuberant Yellow Gold Watches to Ski Glove Timepieces

 - Apr 8, 2014
Swiss watches are one of the foremost exponents of Switzerland. Alongside cheese, chocolate and utility knives, watches are one of the first kinds of products people think about when it comes to Switzerland. This is for a reason.

The Swiss have traditionally been experts at crafting timepieces that are incredibly precise but also stylish, elevating them to the top in the eyes of watch buyers and enthusiasts. The reason Swiss watches continue to be revered and lusted after by watch-lovers is because Swiss watchmakers know how to evolve their products to appeal to new generations and diversify their offerings to target different markets.

While Swiss watchmakers do manufacture classic-style luxury watches, they also produce a diverse range of timepieces suitable for all ages and situations. From rugged watches for outdoorsy types to clubbing wristwatches for party animals, Swiss watchmakers have it all.