EDM Designs

 - Jun 7, 2008
References: etsy & beadinggem
Ricky Wolbrom of New York is the designer of steampunk jewelry. Her Etsy store is called EDM Designs. She collects vintage Swiss watch parts to make her jewelry. Some designs are so painstakingly put together, they could take her days to complete. She mounts these watch parts on rings and cuff links. She also incorporates them into pendants and earrings. The result is a unique form of jewelry which brings back the beauty of these old timepieces.

The word "steampunk" apparently originated in the 1980's to describe science fiction literature set in a bygone age in the style of 19th century science fantasy books by H. G. Wells (The Time Machine, War of the Worlds) and Jules Verne (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). Steampunk fans for e.g. wear clothes from a different century and favour technological designs which look like they came from the 19th century. Ricky's designs are sure to please steampunk fans.

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