From Elegant Industrialized Necklaces to Ornate Neck Cuffs

 - Dec 23, 2012
If you're a tinkerer with an interest in gears, science fiction and the industrial era then Steampunk jewelry will vastly appeal to you.

Steampunking an object is all about letting the mechanical innards show through. If an item does not possess any gears or wires like a heart for instance, then you add them in. This turns the anatomical metal heart into an intricately mechanized accessory. You can't expect a watch to keep the correct time unless it's cluttered with bolts, visible gears and an abundance of metal, preferably brass. Furthermore, a ring just isn't appealing unless it resembles the Victorian version of a compressed Transformer.

Steampunk jewelry makes what others might see as scraps of metal and machinery into eccentric eye-catching pieces.