Luxury Erotic Watches For Just Over $100k

 - Nov 19, 2005
References: robbreport
They say you reach the classification of 'Super Rich' when you earn more interest that you can spend. I think you reach that point when spend over $100k on an erotic watch.

However, if you have the spare cash flow, why search for free porn on the net when you can buy a $160,000 watch with customized porn? Blancpain, an extremely high end watch company, has introduced its new line of Erotica Watches. Flip the classic watch over, and on the back, you'll see a mechanically animated source of erotica.

“The two-sided nature of the erotic watch is aptly illustrated by Blancpain, one of the most stolidly conservative Swiss manufacturers and also one of the leading makers of the traditional erotic automaton watch.” â€" Robb Report

If this is your style, but you don't have the $160,000, you may want to check out Erotica Watches, who offers an array of automation watches for those of you looking to spend closer to $150.