These Humorous Election Ads Celebrate 'Super Tuesday' Using Farce

 - Mar 1, 2016
In honor of 'Super Tuesday,' these comical ads, campaign strategies and publicity stunts are designed to draw attention to the elections that will take place in the United States. Many media outlets such as 'Saturday Night Live' use satire, farce and parodies to inform their audience about politics, elections and political campaign parties.

From president-promoting burgers to animated political debates on 'The Simpsons,' these outlets are a great tactic for political candidates to make a connection with the public. There are even politician-inspired coloring books, action figures and emojis, which resonate with young demographics.

While many of these skits, commercials and products poke fun at those running in the election, the ultimate goal is to generate viewer awareness and increase the public's curiosity in politics. Celebrate Super Tuesday with these hilarious election endorsements.