CollegeHumor's Fake Ad Markets Diet Racism to the Somewhat Prejudiced

 - Sep 6, 2014
References: collegehumor & fastcocreate
If you stop short of using racial slurs but still start sentences with "I'm not racist but..." then Diet Racism is the soda for you. In this hilarious fake ad from CollegeHumor, the non-existent soft drink is marketed to people who aren't loudly prejudiced, but are still vaguely intolerant and offensive.

With "the same sweet ignorance of regular racism, but with none of the guilt or self-awareness," Diet Racism perfectly encapsulates this particular brand of insensitivity and failure to comprehend the concept of white privilege.

Using political issues like Affirmative Action, Black History Month and Stop and Frisk as examples, the commercial parody does an excellent job at showing how ridiculous these hurtful points of view are. Throughout the video the ignorant actors are seen sipping the made up beverage.