From Racially Diverse Movie Posters to Powerful Racism PSAs

 - Dec 14, 2015
These anti-racism initiatives range from powerful PSAs to racially diverse movie posters and art projects. The latter examples reinvent pop culture imagery to feature a more realistic and inclusive cast of characters. Standouts include Omar Victor Diop and Antoine Tempé's '[re-]Mixing Hollywood' project that alters popular film posters to feature African American subjects.

Additionally, photographer Ervin A Johnson's powerful images use abstract elements to bring awareness to America's history of police brutality against Black males. When examining the marketing sphere, Oxford's anti-racism student campaign addresses inequality in the historic university while the Australian Mental Health Organization's 'The Invisible Discriminator' spot illuminates subdued forms of discrimination that are equally as hurtful as more blatant ones.

Furthermore, Usher's 'Chains' music video uses interactive elements to commemorate the lost life of gunned down teen Trayvon Martin and others who died as a result of racial prejudice.