The Invisible Discriminator Illuminates Latent Racism

 - Aug 6, 2014
References: youtube & adweek
Australian Mental Health Organization beyondblue has released a powerful PSA, titled 'The Invisible Discriminator,' with a universal message.

Racism isn't always overt and explicit gestures and statements. In fact, more often than not, it's expressed in micro-aggressions; quiet, barely noticeable gestures, such as sideways glances, anxious fidgeting and crass jokes. Repeatedly being exposed to these micro-aggressions can take its toll on the mental health of the Indigenous Australians the commercial is geared toward.

The racism in the ad is personified by an ominous character who voices the internal narrative of the light-skinned strangers ("Don't make eye contact," "What do you think she's up to?"). The result is that the implicit racism that often goes by unnoticed is being illuminated, making it very explicit and blatant.