- Dec 26, 2014
These December 2014 fashion for men trends range are designed with both style and function in mind. While past seasons have featured more avant-garde and conceptual cuts, this month's menswear styles are more practical than they are over-the-top.

Function-focused outerwear, transformative clothing and weather-proof materials reigned casual runways this season while tailored silhouettes and organic materials were more prevalent for formalwear brands.

Appealing to urban professionals, these December 2014 fashion for men trends include versatile and wearable pieces that work for consumer of all ages. For those wishing to make a statement, they can do so with luxe sportswear that boasts exaggerated shapes without losing its sense of comfort and wearability. If exaggerated shapes are too much of a statement, give a classic silhouettes and bold print a try this season.

From Coffee-Infused Jackets to Nostalgic Normcore Styles: