These Garbage Pail Kids Cards Mock American Presidential Candidates

 - Feb 4, 2016
References: topps & toyland.gizmodo
Garbage Pail Kids has put out many interesting and hilarious trading cards before, but this particular set, inspired by some of the key candidates in the recently concluded Iowa caucus.

One particular card depicts brash and boisterous 'Donald Dump wiping his rear end with the US Constitution. Another features a rather bashful-looking 'Hounded Hillary' trying to convince you that her classified emails are not worth talking about at all. If you're not into either of those, you could always go for 'Brainy Ben', a hilarious depiction of Dr. Ben Carson.

It's often too easy to take politics and politicians far too seriously, and it's never a bad thing to have a laugh at some of the candidates once in a while, which is exactly what these Garbage Pail Kids cards encourage.