This Personified Packaging is Linked With Fun Characters

 - Jun 6, 2016
These examples of mascot-adorned packaging range from personified fruit carriers to alien-themed fast food containers. In an effort to target young consumers, food and beverage brands are using loveable characters as an effective selling tool.

These examples of packaging in China include healthy food containers that encourage kids to embrace nutritious snacks from a young age as well as cosmetic wrappers that draw inspiration from familiar literary characters. A standout example in the healthy snack realm is Four Seasons Fruit's personified brand identity. The snack company adorns its packaging with fruit-inspired cartoon characters, successfully targeting young audiences.

Other notable examples of personified packaging include McDonald's Hong Kong's Minion-themed fast food containers. The burger and fry boxes and paper cups are a testament to the marketing power of mascot-adorned packaging -- especially when referencing pop culture characters that resonate with today's generation of kids.