The Four Seasons Fruit Packaging Concept Features Playful Characters

 - Jun 6, 2016
References: brandinginasia
Dowell Brand Design recently created a new packaging concept for the Four Seasons fruit company in China. Designed to appeal to both kids and adults alike, the personified fruit packaging helps to bring the healthy product to life.

The fruit packaging concept created by Dowell Brand Design consists of folded boxes decorated with whimsical cartoon characters. Each box features a different character dressed up as the type of fruit found inside the box. This includes a toothy young boy dressed as a strawberry and a wide-eyed child wearing a pineapple shaped topper. The colorful characters are also accompanied by words of wisdom from the farmers themselves.

The designer's use of personified packaging for Four Seasons' fruit is meant to create a more personal and intimate connection between consumers and the farmers who harvest the fruit.