The Packaging for Qi Yuan Foods is Inspired by the Qi Dynasty

 - Jun 6, 2016
References: brandinginasia
In order to make its healthy snacks stand out against more tantalizing options, Qi Yuan Foods recently gave its products a creative makeover. The new packaging not only captures the attention of consumers, but it also features educational elements that may be beneficial for children.

The new snack branding for Qi Yuan Foods was created to generate brand interest and help the product stand out from more mature brands such as 'Mrs.Yao.' The new concept features both historical and pop culture references drawn from Qi Dynasty culture. To convey this idea, each package features a picture of the snack inside dressed up with headgear worn by historical figures. The personified snacks thus convey the brand's Chinese heritage, while cleverly capturing the attention of health-conscious shoppers.

The snack branding for Qi Yuan Foods demonstrates one of the ways that brands can blend traditional and modern elements to create eye-catching packaging.