The 'HillMoji' Boasts a Collection of Hillary Clinton-Inspired Emojis

 - Sep 22, 2015
References: makesnaps & wired
With much of our messaging conversations occurring in the form of emojis, and many of those conversations surrounding the always entertaining Presidential election, it only makes sense that a Hillary Clinton-themed emoji keyboard was designed. Mobile messaging platform 'Snaps' created this keyboard with the many colors of Hill's suits to choose from, encapsulating various emotions and opinions to share with friends and family.

Compatible with Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage and many more, Blackberry and sunglasses-adorned Hillary and red pantsuit Hillary are among the respectable emojis to choose from.

While the emoji keyboard is not officially endorsed by the Clinton administation, the female 'Snaps' founder Vivan Rosenthal wanted to show her support by helping to leverage her campaign. 'HillMoji' will certainly help the Democrat gain some fans and publicity with the younger, tech-saavy voting population.