From Couture Emoji Apps to Rap Star Emojis

 - Feb 22, 2016
Pop culture emojis have taken basic emojis and expanded them to include a wide variety of current ideas and perspectives that capture the average Millennial. While the usual heart-eyed smiley face is a great go-to emoticon, these emojis include other ways to express basic thoughts using celebrities, subcultures, movies and more.

Celebrity emojis such Kim Kardashian's Kimojis and Fabolous' YoungEmOGis, utilize both of the star's aesthetics -- and faces -- to offer emoticons such as a crying face Kim Kardashian as well as NYC basketball jerseys. Fashionable Millennials can also benefit form these pop culture emojis. While NYFW unleashed a line of emojis for its five days of fashion, Italian label Versace launched a collection of emoticons suited for luxury fashion lovers.

These pop culture emojis also include the Afro Emoji which pertains to West African Millennials.