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Constantly influenced by developing consumer views and societal behavior, the world of politics is always adapting to keep viewer interests in mind. Featuring the latest ideas in political satire, social activism and political expression, Trend Hunter’s political category offers everything you need to know about the latest developments in the political realm.
play_circle_filled Climate Change-Focused Election Campaigns
Climate Change-Focused Election Campaigns
The #VoteLikeAMadre Campaign is Targeted Towards Moms
The #VoteLikeAMadre campaign is an advertising initiative that was debuted ahead of Election Day on November 3rd to encourage Latina moms to get out and vote, which has garnered support from... MORE
Political News Campaigns
Political News Campaigns
The Economist Launched 'Word Play' to Spotlight US 2020 Election Coverage
Ahead of the US 2020 election, The Economist launched a new digital marketing initiative called ‘Word Play’ to help drive readers to high-quality news coverage that they could rely on.... MORE
Political Press Conference Merchandise
Political Press Conference Merchandise
Four Seasons Total Landscaping Launched a Line of Apparel
After the US president’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, ended up speaking at Four Seasons Total Landscaping rather than the Four Seasons hotel chain for the Trump campaign’s press conference,... MORE
Adult Content Election Campaigns
Adult Content Election Campaigns
Pornhub and Just for Fun Joined to Encourage Voter Turnout
On November 3rd, Pornhub and creative agency Just for Fun will launch the ‘Give a F**k, Get a F**k’ campaign, which was devised to remind site visitors to get out and vote while they... MORE
Non-Profit Voter-Feeding Initiatives
Non-Profit Voter-Feeding Initiatives
Feed the Polls is Giving Free Meals to Voters on Election Day
Feed the Polls, “the non-profit initiative launched by restaurant discovery platforms, The Infatuation and Zagat, in partnership with The Migrant Kitchen,” is providing over 30,000 free... MORE
Election Night Survival Kits
Election Night Survival Kits
BABE Wine Launched the Election Night Survival Kit
Whatever your political views, election night can often be nerve-racking for many and to help cope with these anxieties, BABE Wine launched the new Election Night Survival Kit. The kit includes... MORE
Virtual Political Islands
Virtual Political Islands
Biden Island Shares Yard Signs & More in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Brands from across all industries have been creating their own islands and virtual experiences within the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons and one of the newest places for players to visit is... MORE
Ethical Voting-Encouraging Necklaces
Ethical Voting-Encouraging Necklaces
The Sparklane Vote Chains Encourage Voting
Sparklane, the 100% ethically-sourced and sustainably-made jewelry brand, is encouraging everyone to vote during this election season with its new Vote Chains. Offered in two eye-catching styles,... MORE
Political Fatigue
Brands aim to help consumers alleviate stress ahead of election day
Trend - Brands in various sectors, spanning travel and tourism to alcohol and entertainment, are helping consumers cope with "political fatigue" ahead of the upcoming U.S. elections. These solutions range from an escapist hotel stay to a relaxing political coloring book.
Workshop Question - How can your brand support consumers who are feeling anxious amid the current political climate?
Conservative Vegan Political Groups
Conservative Vegan Political Groups
The Vegan Conservatives Promotes Veganuary Among Party Leaders
Vegan Conservatives is a new group that recently formed in the United Kingdom dedicated to promoting veganism among party leaders and supporters. The group is made of party members, councilors, and... MORE
10 Election Day Promotions
10 Election Day Promotions
From Election Night Survival Kits to Election Day Donut Promotions
With Election Day nearly upon us, this list of Election Day promotions shows how brands across various sectors are encouraging Americans to vote, regardless of their political views. Those looking... MORE
Election Victory Disputing Policies
Election Victory Disputing Policies
YouTube Will Remove Videos Disputing Joe Biden's Victory
YouTube recently announced it will now remove videos that dispute Joe Biden’s election victory. Initially, when videos came out, the brand let videos making false claims about election results... MORE
Election-Focused Forum Ads
Election-Focused Forum Ads
Reddit Launched a Campaign to Encourage Voter Turnout
For the first time ever, Reddit launched a brand marketing effort to appeal to voters—with the forum site partnering with creative agency R/GA San Francisco for the campaign. The humorous ads... MORE
Election Anxiety Sheet Ads
Election Anxiety Sheet Ads
SOVA's New Print Ad Tells Consumers to "Prepare for Sleepless Nights"
SOVA, a mattress and bedding brand that’s based out of Sweden, launched a new print ad that corresponds with the 2020 US election. The tongue-in-cheek ad tells consumers to “Prepare... MORE
Personalized Election Day Pizzas
Personalized Election Day Pizzas
Pieology is Rewarding US Voters with Its 'You Vote/You Pie' Offer
Ahead of Election Day on November 3rd, Pieology, an American restaurant franchise that boasts over 130 locations across the states, has announced the launch of its ‘You Vote/You Pie’... MORE
Stress-Alleviating Political Donation Platforms
Stress-Alleviating Political Donation Platforms
A New Platform Helps Make Last Minute Donations
With Election Day nearly upon Americans, many consumers may be feeling helpless and feel there may be nothing left to do to help their desired candidate. To help alleviate some of this stress,... MORE
Voter-Targeted Game Streams
Voter-Targeted Game Streams
AOC Played 'Among Us' on Twitch to Connect with Young Voters
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced on Twitter that should would be playing ‘Among Us’ on Twitch to encourage viewers to get out and vote on Election Day on November 3rd. Other... MORE
Voter-Encouraging Yogurt Packaging
Voter-Encouraging Yogurt Packaging
Forager Project is Reminding Americans to Vote on November 3rd
To encourage Americans to vote on November 3rd, Forager Project replaced its usual packaging with a new design. As part of a campaign to cultivate democracy through voter participation, the organic... MORE
play_circle_filled Immersive City Museums
Immersive City Museums
The Museum of the Hidden City Invites You to Explore San Francisco
Walking Cinema: Museum of the Hidden City is an innovation that invites individuals to experience the history of a city “in the places where it all happened.” During the COVID-19 pandemic,... MORE
Misinformation-Deterring Social Media Updates
Misinformation-Deterring Social Media Updates
Twitter is Flagging Retweets with False Information
Ahead of the 2020 US Election on November 3rd, Twitter announced a series of updates that it hopes will help prevent the spread of misinformation—including a new feature that will let users know... MORE
play_circle_filled Social Media Voting Information
Social Media Voting Information
Twitter Launched the New Election Hub to Update Users
With the election season upon us, Twitter is following the lead of other social media platforms like TikTok and Reddit with the launch of its new Election Hub section. The hub will be available in... MORE
Pay-Per-View Concert Series
Pay-Per-View Concert Series
LiveXLive is Hosting Concerts for National Hispanic Heritage Month
LiveXLive partnered with Pitbull for two pay-per-view concert events during National Hispanic Heritage Month, which will be shared with the world via a stream from Pitbull’s SLAM! Charter... MORE
Free Election Day Rides
Free Election Day Rides
Starbucks Employees Will Be Able to Access Free Lyft Rides on Election Day
In an effort to make voting more accessible to its many employees across the United States, Starbucks announced that it would be partnering with Lyft to provide its workers with one-way rides so... MORE
STEM-Supporting Frozen Desserts
STEM-Supporting Frozen Desserts
Brave Robot's Vote for the Future Pack Supports Education
Vegan ice cream brand Brave Robot launched an “emotional support” Vote for the Future ice cream pack to provide comfort and hope during election week. The pack includes pints of plant-... MORE
Mail-In Ballot Halloween Costumes
Mail-In Ballot Halloween Costumes
Yandy Debuts the Hilarious and Timely Mail-In Ballot Costume
With election season just around the corner, Handy – the Halloween costume store renowned for its hilarious costumes – recently unveiled the Mail-In Ballot Costume. The new costume seeks to... MORE