The Rado V10K

 - Dec 21, 2006
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As a kid I used to browse thru my Dad's BRW(Business Review Weekly) Magazines and ponder success. I came to the conclusion success was a nice watch- not just any watch but a schmick black Rado.

Flash forward and I still don't own a Rado, but I can dream:)

The V10k from Rado is apparently the hardest watch in the world, with a curved scratchproof sapphire crystal, metallized and soldered
case on the top and sides and has a scratchproof high-tech Diamond bracelet. As all watches that cost more than a month's mortgage, they have ultra-precise Swiss quartz crownless movement and basically built to stand the test of time (no pun intended)..which always makes me wonder why they only have a 2yr warranty! It basically looks incredibly sexy and modern whilst still looking like..well a man's watch. I drool when I see the pics and when I see them in shop windows. Very cool.