Keruve GPS Watch Pinpoints The Wearer

 - Jul 22, 2008
References: & navigadget
Keruve launched a new tracking device that looks like a watch and lets you pinpoint the location of the wearer should they go 'missing.' Marketed originally for Alzheimer's patients, many people are talking about using it to keep track of their kids when they go out as well.

The device is quite discreet and can not be removed by the wearer without a special tool; obviously, you wouldn't give them access to it, as that would defeat the whole point of the exercise. You also have the option of setting a perimeter whereby the machine alerts you if the wearer has gone outside the boundary you set.

Should they go ion walk abouts, you use the handset to locate them via GPS, ending hours of searching and heartache in a short time.

This is not the only tracker on the market and it is not cheap, but I think those who are calling it a child tracking device could be right. The world seems to be a more dangerous place theses days and parents are reluctant to give kids too much freedom for fear of their safety. Perhaps with this device they can have a little peace of mind. Not so sure the kids will be happy about it though!