Pac-in-time by Benedetto Papi is Designed for '80s Gamers

 - Nov 9, 2011
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For those Pac-Man fanatics, the Pac-in-time by Benedetto Papi will take you back in time. This retro watch is a fun and simple accessory for those looking to revive the '80s. This wristband tells the time while giving Pac-Man a nicely timed meal.

The Italian graphic designer and art director likes to incorporate cartoon and computer game subjects into his work. This is why this time piece was inspired by the Japanese arcade adventure. By simply using yellow and black, the designer found a clever way to tell the hours and minutes: as the clock moves, Pac-Man's mouth opens and closes to signal the passing of time. This minimalist concept reflects the simplicity of the game.

The Pac-in-time by Benedetto Papi is a minimalist concept that is sure to entertain many.