The O Watch from Tokujin Yoshioka is Inspired by H20

 - May 14, 2011
References: tokujin & bornrich
If you are into pretty-looking watches, the O Watch from Tokujin Yoshioka is for you. Tokujin Yoshioka, in association with Seiko Instruments, has crafted the "O" for the 10th anniversary of the Issey Miyake Watch Project.

The O Watch from Tokujin Yoshioka gets its name from its design, which makes the watch looks as if it is underwater. The French word for water is "eau," pronounced "o."

The watch's unique shape is definitely unlike anything I have ever come across before. I really like the direction Tokujin Yoshioka took with this watch. He took a design -- the bangle -- that isn't known for its beauty or maturity and gave it a high-class, modern makeover. The O Watch is set to be released at the beginning of July.