- Aug 23, 2013
Having a wristwatch is a practical way to help keep you on schedule during the day, but if you're in the mood to add a bit more sophistication and high-end features to these accessories, then these extravagant timepieces will definitely do the trick.

If you happen to enjoy designer labels and haute couture looks, then why not translate that sentiment into the accessories you wear by opting for one of these stylish, yet pricy timepieces? Perfect for fashionistas looking to have accessories that are both practical and fashion-forward, these extravagant timepieces will surely have you feeling like a high-end roller in no time.

From luxurious watches covered in diamonds to those designed by haute couture fashion labels, these extravagant timepieces will definitely serve to add a lavish and over-the-top touch to any outfit.

From Reptile Timepieces to $500,000 Timepieces: