Studio Hannes Wettstein Watches are Powered by Wrist Movement

 - May 10, 2011
References: studiohanneswettstein & thecoolist
Say goodbye to batteries with these Studio Hannes Wettstein watches. These sleek timepieces power themselves through kinetic energy generated by the wearer’s body.

The Studio Hannes Wettstein watches are capable of this eco-feat through implementation of a "micro-generator system," which captures the energy given off by bodily movements and converts it into fuel for the watch.

Many companies are already following suit. Among some of the famous companies that use Studio Hannes Wettstein’s power generation system are Ventura, Braun, and Nomos Galshutte. Even if you are unimpressed by the watch’s self-powering capabilities, you have to admit that these futuristic timepieces look very chic.

Those with extremely active lifestyles will definitely be thankful these watches exist. You can exercise away knowing it not only benefits your body, but your watch as well.