Housed Inside Unassuming Modular Smartwatch Links are Supercharged Components

 - Jan 20, 2015
References: chooseblocks &
What this design for modular smartwatch links proposes is something pretty amazing. Those little components that fasten your timepiece to your wrist can actually contribute to the technological experience of your chronograph. Imagine! While numerous designers have been working within the unnecessarily limited territory of the watch face, Blocks has been exploring what innovation can exist beyond.

These modular smartwatch links may look nearly identical, but each one could fulfill a different secondary function. GPS trackers, accelerometers, heart rate monitors, additional data storage and battery packs can be embedded within. To ensure that the entire wearable system is synced up, the Blocks Smartwatch pieces are connected together by jacks and ports. With digital e-ink dials of round or rectangular touchscreens, the user's interactive options are accessible and immeasurable.