- Jul 31, 2015
Technologically advanced health watches provide consumers with a variety of wellness and sport-related functions. These watches are specifically designed for an active consumer who is concerned about maintaining good health.

Wearable technology is a vastly growing field that has seen a particular incline in fitness tractors such as the 'Fitbit Surge.' This high-tech watch provides a specialized focus on fitness by tracking the location of its user via a GPS system. The device also monitors heart rates during everyday activities. Other smartwatches on the market are sports-oriented and designed to focus solely on one activity or fitness session. The 'Swimmo' for example, features a personalized coaching system that coordinates vibrations to notify swimmers to increase or decrease their pace.

Beyond sporty watches, the retail market has also seen a surge in smartwatches that focus on mental health. For example, the 'Embrace' is a watch that monitors stress levels while tracking if a seizure will occur. These innovative health watches not only revolutionize the watch industry, but are making a substantial impact on physical activity and users' overall health.

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