The th2O Medical Bracelet is a Constant Reminder of Water Consumption

 - Jan 5, 2014
References: maevaberthelot4.wix & yankodesign
Do you drink enough water? Most of us probably don't. The th2O Medical Bracelet has been developed for the sole and significant purpose of monitoring your H2O consumption. Maeva Berthelot's clever concept is targeted specifically at elderly people who might forget to keep hydrated for general health, and to improve the effectiveness of their prescriptions.

When the wristwatch wearer drinks a full glass, he can interact with the touchscreen interface easily to record that action. The chronograph will then begin counting the time since that last dose of liquid. Real-time graphs form to demonstrate the estimated hydration and dehydration statistics of the body. Finally, the th2O Medical Bracelet will sound an alarm and produce an intuitive symbol if the user should go too long between cups.