From Arachnid-Inspired Wristwatches to Skeleton Cell Watches

 - Sep 5, 2015
Transparent watches have become quite the popular timepiece style. While classic opaque watch faces are still considerably stylish, transparent watches are beginning to form a solid place at the forefront of watch design.

The 2LMX watch is a flashy timepiece inspired by a car engine. Like the Vulcania Steampunk watch by Fabrice Gonet, the 2LMX allows its wearers to view all of the gears and complex pieces that allow the watch to work. The Cartier Santos Skeleton watch is a luxurious timepiece that is elegant as well as functional. This stunning watch features a see-through window that displays the wearer's wrist as the background to its watch face.

These transparent watches also include futuristic timepieces such as the Tokyoflash Aeon LCD watch and the Kisai Spider Acetate.