The Kisai Spider Acetate Tells Time Using a Hexagonal Web

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: tokyoflash & tuvie
The Kisai Spider Acetate is the latest watch from Tokyoflash Japan. The watch has a transparent face and tells time in the form of hexagonal shapes that look very much like a spider's web. Like other recent Tokyoflash watches, the Kisai Spider Acetate has a face that, at first glance, looks impossible to read. However, when you look a little closer, you'll realize that telling time on this watch is actually quite simple.

To tell time on the Kisai Spider Acetate, all you need to do is look at each shape individually. There are four separate shapes, each one taking the form of a number. The number closest to the edge represents the hour and so on until you get to the minute in the middle. There is a backlight function for telling time in the dark and you can also be program the face to light up every 15 minutes to make it look like a web is being spun. The Kisai Spider Acetate is available now.