This Sleek Performance Watch is Designed for Swimmers

 - Apr 17, 2015
References: swimmo & kickstarter
The Swimmo is a specially designed performance watch for swimmers that is currently seeking funding via a Kickstarter campaign.

The watch is not only able to track users' heart rate, calories, pace and distance, it is also designed to offer personalized "coaching" by vibrating when it's time for the user to pick up or slow down the pace. The Swimmo can also be paired with an accompanying app that takes this coaching aspect one step further, analyzing the collected data to formulate corresponding, custom training.

Other features of this swimming sportwatch include gesture and touchscreen technology that allows users to operate the device either by rotating their wrist or tapping the display, as well as the option to share their results with their social media or fitness networks. And of course, the OLED color screen is fully adapted to work while fully submerged under water.