From Balance-Tracking Smart Shoes to Simplistic Fitness Trackers

 - Mar 21, 2016
Fitness wearables are becoming an active part of every gym buffs' workout routine and these examples of fitness gear are commonly used.

With fitness trackers continuing to grow in production, innovators are constantly finding new ways to set their products apart. While the Jawbone UP2 is specifically designed for female consumers, the Activité Steel fuses both luxury and affordability. These examples of fitness wearables also include ingenious workout apparel such as the balance-tracking IOFIT trainer and Ralph Lauren's Sensory Smartshirt, which stylishly tracks the wearer's health.

Examples of fitness wearables go on to include even more examples of smart fitness apparel, such as Under Armour's Gemini 2 sneaker, which records the wearer's workouts as well as the Sensilk Tech Bra, which measures heart rate while also catering to comfort.