These Air Masks are Able to Track Individual Breathing Patterns

 - Nov 16, 2015
References: sendinaden & 3dprint
The 'Pattern Breathe Mask' is a piece of 3D-printed technology that functions as a health-promoting breathing monitor.

Start-up company Sendinaden designed this breathing monitor face mask that is 3D-printed and made from smart materials. Using this technology, this face mask can track and record the wearer's breathing pattern data and display it either through a companion app on a smart phone, or even just on the mask itself.

This health and fitness application was designed by Sendinaden because of how important healthy and consistent breathing is to an individual's overall wellbeing. The face mask is also installed with an air filter, which means this technology can be especially useful for those living in more polluted environments. Each mask can also be easily custom-fitted and produced for the specific needs of a user by utilizing 3D-printer technology.