The TomTom 'Spark' is a Simplified Activity Monitor and Music Player

 - Sep 17, 2015
References: tomtom & engadget
The new TomTom 'Spark' adopts a shorter name and a less bulky form than the TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Sport Watch released last year. As TomTom moves into the fitness wearables market, it launched the Spark with a fresh approach, rethinking all aspects of the design with an emphasis on simplicity.

With minimalism in mind, the Spark is designed to have consumers pay for only the features they would need. For instance, there are multiple versions of the Spark, which come with bare-bones features, such as either sleep or activity tracking, heart rate monitoring or 3GB storage capabilities. There are also two additional TomTom Spark models available that come with branded Bluetooth headphones.

As well as functioning as a simplistic fitness watch, the Spark also comes with Cardio + Music, capable of storing about 500 songs.