From Compact Clamshell Wallets to Simplified Logo Posters

 - Nov 24, 2015
These minimalist gifts remind recipients to pay attention to quality craftsmanship that melds form and function. While the notion of giving a gift to a minimalist might seem like an act that will only add clutter to a home, there is value in cherishing fewer objects and celebrating simplicity in design. Rather than being purely ornamental, these minimalist gift designs take the form of useful objects for daily life, such as wallets, dinnerware and small furniture pieces.

Some of the most intriguing gifts for minimalists include items that do a double duty. For instance, this includes a stackable line of cookware from Taku Shinomoto that minimizes storage space, as well as slim pieces of bamboo FurniQi furniture that serve as useful pieces of household decor, as well as wireless charging stations.