This Tesla Lighter Sets a Flame to Things Even When Its Windy or Raining

 - Nov 19, 2015
References: dudeiwantthat
This sleek Tesla Coil Lighter requires no flame to ignite a fire. The windproof flip-top lighter is a great accessory for camping or for anyone who is worried about the safety in carrying a kerosene-filled object.

The lighter is also handy when being used around children or in any kind of windy or rainy conditions. While traditional flip-top lighters typically open to a flame right away, this Tesla coil lighter requires the user to press a button in order to energize the coil. It also comes with a built-in safety feature.

Conveniently, it runs on battery life that can be recharged, meaning the recharging is free as opposed to paying for a refill. The stylized arched coil is also visually intriguing, looking like the simple coil that would have been used and developed by Nikola Tesla himself.