The Butler Lamp from Studio 19 Doubles as a Useful Place for Desk Items

This elegant lamp from Studio 19 doubles as a key tray and a source of illumination for a desk or a table.

At the base of the delicately arched brass stem is a hand-turned round of oak wood, which serves as a super convenient place to keep miscellaneous items. It can serve as a key tray, a pen holder or a place for receipts and change, depending on its location in the home. In addition to being extremely handy, the Butler lamp boasts a geometrically pleasing form and a strategically exposed light bulb, contributing to a stylish minimalist design. The lamp clips onto the edge of any surface, such as a shelf, desk or end table, making it highly functional and adaptable.

Minimalism and functionality are in favor in furniture and home design, and this Butler lamp succeeds admirably in both realms.