From Throwback Tennis Shirts to Revitalized Retro Tennis Shoes

 - Aug 3, 2016
With the Canadian Open tournament literally in full swing, now is the time to grab a ticket for the Rogers Cup. But with big names like Milos Raonic, Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams in contention for the respective Men's and Women's Rogers Cup titles, the Canadian Open crowd is sure to be packed with fashion-forward tastemakers from the world over. Attending a tennis match comes with a style of its own, which is a good reason to read up on tennis styles.

As with most sports apparel, shoes are essential for tennis wear. Fortunately, the tennis shoe look is making a comeback among hipsters who frequently sport white New Balance court shoes. And while baseball, hockey, and football jerseys are baggy and cumbersome, consumers can dress like their favorite tennis stars every day without having to wear anything excessive: just an athletic shirt and shorts or a skirt.