GAME. SET. MATCH. by Igor Oussenko is Captured for Fashion Magazine

 - Jun 7, 2016
It's always fascinating to see how the fashion industry will interpret the fads of the season (or year) and in this case Fashion Magazine has decided to focus on a specific sport when it comes to athleisure looks. Dubbed GAME. SET. MATCH., the theme is tennis, which is appropriate considering that summer is prime tennis season.

Shot by Igor Oussenko, a photographer hailing from Russia, the GAME. SET. MATCH. editorial stars Karina Kozionova of Avant Models. She is captured on location at an outdoors court in a variety of chic looks put together by stylist Maria Davydova. with sweat bands and rackets never far from reach, the athletic element is strong throughout. Of course, the silhouettes also embrace the classic tennis outfit.