The Nike Zoom Cage 2 Makes Sliding Into Shots Easier

 - Jan 17, 2015
The Nike Zoom Cage 2 is a high performance tennis shoe that brings together uncompromising durability and solidity with an airy lightweight support and an absolutely snug and comfortable glove-like fit. This shoe offers players Zoom heel cushioning for explosive speed and comfort all match long.

The shoe's upper utilizes Nike Drag-On material which provides excellent lateral support for players who slide a lot on the court.

The midsole meanwhile is designed to comfortably wrap around the heel with a split back which allows for greater agility and speed on the court.

Finally, the 6 mm outsole allows for thicker tread in high wear zones for boosted traction and durability. The outsole also helps players feel like they're closer to the ground, giving them the confidence to slide into shots.